Behavior Evaluations | Midlothian, VA


Developmental and Behavioral Evaluations

If your child is struggling in school, or you feel his speech is delayed or developmental milestones have not been met, Swift Creek Pediatrics can help evaluate these issues. We will assess your child and refer him/her to speech therapy or a child psychologist for further evaluation. We know how important it is for the health of your child to have access to the appropriate therapies to catch up to his/her peers and begin to thrive in his/her learning environment.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is a concern for many parents. More children are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety disorders (such as school anxiety and panic attacks), eating disorders, substance abuse disorders and conduct disorders. All of our physicians at Swift Creek Pediatrics have extensive experience guiding parents through these and other related problems. Whether discussing sleep problems at a checkup, prescribing ADHD medication or recommending a family counselor, your pediatrician at Swift Creek Pediatrics will counsel you through making the best decisions for the well-being of your child.

Milestones and Development

As your child’s pediatrician, we want to make sure your child is meeting each and every milestone of development. During well checks we will have an open dialogue about baby’s development and check these milestones, such as babbling, sitting, crawling, pulling up and many more. If you are worried that your child is behind in his or her development or missing any milestones, we will coordinate to refer your child for further assessment from other professionals.

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